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Expected release date is Oct 15th 2021


When it comes to waterfowl hunting gear, there are a few elements that are vital for success. One of those elements is organization. We looked at existing products on the market and we noticed a lack of organization. We identified the challenge and we took it head on. Our goal was to develop a product that provided storage, protection and organization. These three aspects are essential for success when it comes to waterfowl hunting gear. The result was a rugged, durable bag with water resistant zippers, hideaway tree straps, a molded rubber base, and an integrated, adjustable shelving system. The first generation Hunt Locker Backpack was a staple piece in the waterfowl hunting market. After completely selling out in our first season as a company, we decided to revisit the drawing board. After making a few adjustments and upgrades, the Hunt Locker Backpack is back, better than ever before. This is the Hunt Locker Backpack 2.0.


The Hunt Locker 2.0 is the ultimate backpack organization system. Built with Dura-pel® weather-proof material and water-resistant zippers, the Hunt Locker is designed to keep your gear dry and organized. The bag features an integrated shelving system, which allows you to arrange your equipment in a systematic way and prevents you from losing your gear in the bottom of your bag. The shelving system is 100% adjustable and can be completely removed. Water-resistant YKK® Aquagaurd zippers provide a smooth, effortless open and close and keep your gear protected from moisture. Like all of our bags, the Hunt Locker features integrated, hideaway tree straps that give you the ability to suspend the bag above the ground or water. The heavy-duty straps give you the ability to secure the bag onto trees up to 80 inches in circumference. The molded rubber base provides a rugged, firm foundation. It allows the bag to stand up straight in the boat, blind or on the ground and keeps your gear protected from mud, water, snow and moisture. The bag features a drop-down style front lid with an adjustable, rubber mesh pocket at the base. This “basket style” compartment is designed with an adjustable wire brim and allows you to store and easily access a box of shells or loose shells during the hunt. A new addition to the bag is the integrated gun sling system on the front of the bag. The tote and secure strap can be tucked away and hidden in the zip up closure pockets at the top and bottom of the bag when not in use. The bag also two large exterior pockets on the side of the bag and one small exterior pocket on the front of the bag to provide storage space for gloves, calls, etc. Available in the Rusa Outdoors signature "Umber" solid brown color.



     Weather-proof Dura-pel® material

     YKK® Aquagaurd water-resistant zippers

     Integrated adjustable/removable interior shelving system

     Neo-grip® lined backpack straps

     Integrated hideaway tree straps

     Neoprene thermos holder

     Integrated gun tote system

     Shrink tube zipper pulls

     Padded back panel

     Molded rubber base





Top carry handle is not designed to hold more than 55 lbs of weight in bag. Do not hang the bag from this handle.

Front metal gear hangers are not designed to hold more than 5 lbs per clip.

Any damage occurring as a result of misuse or overloading bag limits will void warranty and forfeit return.

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