The ultimate backpack organization system. The Dr. Duck® Hunt Locker Backpack is built with weather-proof Dura-pel® material and is designed to keep your gear dry and organized. Built with an integrated shelving system, this bag allows you to arrange your equipment in a systematic way and prevents you from losing your gear in the bottom of your bag. It features a drop down front pocket which provides a place for you to store shells and access them easily during the hunt. The front pocket also creates a shelf for you to toss your gloves, calls, etc. as you ready for the hunt. The rugged molded rubber bottom keeps your gear protected and provides a non-slip grip to the base.



     BODY: 600 Denier Dura-pel® Weather-proof Material

     BASE: Molded Rubber



     Weather-proof Dura-pel® material

     Integrated honeycomb adjustable interior shelf

     Rubber molded backpack straps

     Tree wrap straps

     Padded back panel

     Molded rubber bottom





Rubber Molded Carry Handle is not designed to hold more than 55 lbs of weight in bag. Do not hang from handle.

Front metal gear hangers are not designed to hold more than 5 lbs per clip.

Any damage occurring as a result of misuse or overloading bag limits will void warranty and forfeit return.

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Kevin A Bonilla Nov 29th 2020

Dr Duck Hunt Locker

After buying a few blind bags for different purposes, I found myself making multiple trips to the boat back and worth when it came to loading and unloading. When it came to down sizing on the boat, it was time to find a one-for-all bag. The Hunt Locker is the over size bag I’ve been asking for. I can compartmentalize everything from mojo decoys, snacks, extra clothing, ammo, and all your belongings in one water-proof place. Having everything stored in one square bag allows for more legroom in a small boat and keeps everything accessible from the front side. Tree strap was the one thing I didn’t know I needed. It is nice to keep my belongings off the ground and dry, while still being usable suspended in the air for shells, duck calls and water bottles. The big zippers are nice, specially when you have big gloves on, you can easily open and close. Front and side Molle can be used to carry ducks or add any other type of pouches (ex. First Aid). After, taking it to the first hunt of this season, it is rugged and took a beating throughout the day. I am very please with this higher quality of equipment

Steven Nov 19th 2020

The big bad back pack

Well I'll shoot you straight on this bag. Basically, It's WAY TOO BIG, WAY TOO OVER ENGINEERED, and, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. And it's exactly what you need if you use your legs and dare to go to those places that few venture too. Places too muddy, too far, too thick, too dedicated. While they're killing time, we're killing ducks. Good Hunting.

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