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Wader Bag

Dr. Duck Co. exists to engineer products that combat problems that waterfowl hunters experience. Each piece of Dr. Duck Co. equipment has been developed, trialed, and tested by experienced waterfowl hunters along with the Rusa Outdoors team, who specialize in outdoor gear and equipment. The goal behind each product is to develop gear that allows you to focus less on your gear and more on The Journey. These Product Breakdown videos will display the main features of each product and how the gear can be utilized in the field.

Made from durable 1200 Denier polyester, the Dr. Duck® Wader Bag is designed for maximum duribility and provides a substantial amount of storage for both wet and dry gear. It features a top compartment gatemouth style opening built with a wire frame, allowing it to remain in place as you access your equipment.The main compartment contains a base, creating separation between your wet and dry gear. Interior pockets allow you to store smaller items such as a cell phone, chargers, keys, wallet, etc. Designed with a rubber coated mesh, the lower compartment permits ventiltion and quick drying of wet waders. The bag features an integrated zip out changing mat, providing you with a place to stand and keeping you off of the bare ground. The bag also contains cinch straps, giving you the ability to adjust to the depth you need in the wader comapartment.