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We are officially sold out of the Journey Backpack for the 23'/24' waterfowl season. We will be relaunching the Journey backpack next waterfowl season.(Estimated arrival July/August 2024)

One word comes to mind when we think about complications and problems that waterfowl hunters face: Water. We know that at some point either before, after or during the hunt, your gear could potentially and most likely will encounter water. We wanted to provide a solution to this problem. The end goal of The Journey Backpack was to create a bag, specifically for waterfowl hunters, that would provide maximum protection from water and the elements. We set out to develop a piece of gear that could without a doubt withstand the element of water, even if it was completely submerged... The result was a durable, 100% submersible backpack that features our signature customizable, adjustable integrated shelving system, integrated tree straps, and completely waterproof TIZIP® zippers. This is The Journey Backpack.

100% waterproof/submersible TIZIP® Zippers keep out any and all moisture and keeps your gear 100% dry and protected. Constructed with an integrated, adjustable shelving system. This shelving system is 100% customizable and removable. It allows you to customize your setup and arrange your gear in a systematic way that best suits your gear. Like all of our bags and backpacks, the Journey Bag is designed with adjustable tree straps and a waist band strap that allow you to suspend the bag above the ground or the water. However, unlike the other bags, we did not use the hideaway zipper pockets for the straps. This bag is heat welded, therefore, we made the tree straps and waist belt 100% removable, giving you the ability to remove them when not in use. Built with heat welded technology, the heat welded seams keep you gear 100% dry and protected from all moisture and the removes the risk of seam failure causing by stitching. A padded back panel provides comfort during the journey to and from the destination. Neo-grip® lined, padded shoulder straps provide maximum comfort as you trek to to your destination. A small exterior storage pocket with 100% waterproof TIZIP® zipper provides additional storage for smaller gear. Two alt- grip carry handles, located at the top and side of the bag, provide a place to quickly grab or move the bag when it's time to make a move or relocate your setup. A hypalon base provides protection and additional grip, allowing the bag to sit on the base of the bag in the boat or blind without sliding around. Available in the Rusa Outdoors signature "Umber" solid brown color.



Quick slash carabiner hooks - provide a place to hang gear and small items on the outside of the bag

Adjustable interior pocket - perfect for holding shells, calls, gloves, etc.

Additional small interior zip up pocket

Metal hardware

T-grip / shrink tube/parachord zipper pulls

WEIGHT : 6 lbs (When empty)

MEASUREMENTS: 17.5"H X 13"W X 9.5"D



Top carry handle is not designed to hold more than 20 lbs of weight in bag. Do not hang the bag from this handle.

Do not hang the bag from the D-ring located on the back of the bag.

Side "slash" style gear hangers are not designed to hold more than 5 lbs per clip.

Although built to be 100% waterproof/submersible, this bag is not meant to be forced/stored under water.

To ensure waterproof protection, be sure to pull the zipper pull until it is completely locked into the airtight locking system at the end of the zipper.




  • If lubrication is necessary, make sure to use the original TIZIP® lubricant or a comparable product.
  • Please also make sure to clean the zippers before undertaking to lubricate them.
  • The ports of zippers closed at both ends must be lubricated from time to time
  • Proper lubrication prior to use is crucial to the proper functioning of all TIZIP® zippers that require lubrication.
  • A package of lubricant is included depending on the zipper version in question.
  • Do not allow dirt and mud to sit on the zipper for long periods of time. The buildup of dirt and mud will cause zipper damage and will lead to zipper failure.
  • Make sure to close TIZIP® zippers completely and taking care not to bend it for purposes of storage.
  • The storage in an opened position for long period will cause zipper bending. If this occurs, slight leaks are possible. Keep the zippers clean and dry at all times.
  • Avoid storing the zippers in excessively hot and humid environments.

This bag features two small straps on the interior of the bag. These straps connect the lid to the main body. They can be disconnected by the small buckles located at the ends of the straps, however, to ensure proper weight distribution and to ensure the lid/zipper does not take on too much weight, the clips should remain buckled any time the lid is unzipped. If left unbuckled while the bag is unzipped, the zipper/zipper track could experience an overload of weight and result in damage.


Any damage occurring as a result of misuse or overloading bag limits will void warranty and forfeit return. This item is not covered by our free returns policy. Please read dimensions / specs before ordering to be sure the size will work for your system. Although this bag is 100% waterproof/submersible, it is not designed specifically for camera gear or any electronics. Dr. Duck Co. is not responsible for any damage caused to electronics or camera equipment.

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